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January 21, 2021

Acrylic Series of 5 : Family and Love 5" x 8"

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, acrylic painting is a fun and rewarding way to create stunning works of art. To get started, you will need some acrylic paint and a variety of brushes. It is helpful to have acrylic paints in different shades, as well as some thinners to help blend the colors together and achieve smooth transitions.


To begin painting, you will want to start with your base layer of acrylic. For this step, it's important to choose a light color that can be easily covered up with darker hues later on. For best results, you'll want to apply this first layer using small, even strokes that cover the entire surface area. This will also help to minimize dripping and make blending much easier later on in the process.


Once your base coat has dried completely, you can start experimenting with different shades and tones by adding layers of acrylic paint on top. It's always nice to have a few different brushes handy for this part, so that you can mix different colors together or brush in different directions to achieve a range of effects. A little bit of acrylic thinning medium may be necessary in order to get the right consistency when applying paint over already-dry surfaces.

In general, the key to successful painting with acrylics is to experiment with different techniques and develop your own personal style through practice and creativity! Whether you're looking for realism or more abstract designs, there are many possibilities when it comes to acrylic painting - so have fun exploring them all and discovering what works best for you!


Examples of Acrylic Paintings:

This one is actually a multi-medium collage of night driving through time and space:

Driving at night can be both daunting and exhilarating. As you travel through the pitch black night, it feels as though you are moving through time and space, with only your car and your headlights to guide you. Of course, it is essential to exercise caution while driving in the dark, as there are many potential hazards that can pop up without warning. With acrylic paint, however, you can protect yourself and increase your visibility on the road. By applying a layer of brightly colored paint along the edges of your vehicle, you can keep other drivers aware of your presence even in complete darkness. In addition, acrylic paint also makes road markings more visible, so maintaining sharp braking or turning maneuvers as you navigate uncharted territory becomes much easier. Whether traveling through foggy valleys or dense forests late at night, acrylic paint has got you covered!

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