Academic Year

Fall semester of 2017


Design a stair assembly that navigates a tall and steep slope. The stair may have alternative functions, but the primary objective is to design a stair that allows for ascent and descent. The critical investigations will be to explore the act of ascending/descending, to research and analyze a variety of stair assemblies and develop critique, iterate potential design solutions, and craft a quality model.

Must fit within a 45 degree slope with treads of 10 inches and risers of 7 inches. Every 8 feet vertically there must be a landing.


The width of each stair was minimized with the use of single steps instead of traditional wider steps. The steps were calculated to be at 75 degrees in relation to a person’s path up the slope to fit within the slope. For every 8 feet vertically, there is a landing where the direction of the stairs is mirrored to allow for a more direct path up the slope.