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Buying a Contractor Shop Vacuum

December 9, 2022

Usually used in construction sites, a contractor shop vac is a powerful vacuum that can clean up a lot of debris. These specialized tools are also great for garages, driveways and other places where dirt and debris are a problem. These vacs feature a huge canister and a high powered motor. They can be used for both wet and dry cleaning.

The capacity of a shop vac is determined by the total size of the canister. In general, larger units require a bigger drum to accommodate their capacity. Compared to conventional home vacuums, shop vacs are generally more powerful and come with a higher price tag. They are usually more portable and have stronger wheels. Some models also include a cord wrap, which makes it easier to manage the cord.

Shop vacs are generally made of tougher hoses and larger diameter nozzles. This helps to minimize the amount of noise that the machine makes. They also tend to have a larger power cord, which is necessary for cleaning hard to reach areas. Most quality shop vacs also have a float valve, which shuts the motor off when water levels get too high.

If you're looking for a shop vac, you need to weigh the cost against the accessories that come with the vacuum. The majority of shop vacs are made for construction jobs and woodworking. You will probably need to invest in several attachments and kits. You might also want to look for a unit with a HEPA filter. These filters will prevent airborne particles from getting into your home.

The Hilti VC 300-17 X is a good choice for a contractor because it has a HEPA filter and two turbines that produce a whopping 300 CFM. The vacuum can hold up to 159 pounds of dust and the filters are automatically cleaned. This vac features a Reverse Flow Function that allows the user to switch to the vacuum's blower mode when the HEPA filter is full.

Another choice is the DeWALT shop vac. This model has rubberized swivel casters, a built-in blower port, and three types of nozzles. It also has a six-gallon capacity and a 10 foot power cord. It can be used to clean up a wide range of materials and is suitable for both wet and dry jobs. It is also a handy tool for cleaning up screws and nails.

Finally, a wet/dry shop vac is ideal for a woodworking shop. This type of vacuum is a bit more expensive than a dry shop vac, but it's worth it to have the added versatility of a wet/dry vacuum. This vac can be used to clean up wet or dry spills, and it's especially useful for those working in garages or basements. Unlike a traditional vacuum, it can handle wet and dry jobs and can clean a variety of materials.

If you need to get a shop vac for your home, it's important to check the warranty. Many manufacturers don't disclose this information on their product pages, so it's important to make sure that you're purchasing a vac that has the right warranty.


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