Laying Laminate Flooring

June 6, 2023

Laminate flooring can be installed using several methods. For optimal results, spacers should be used between the flooring and walls to allow for natural expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Installing laminate floors depends on factors like style, thickness and square footage as well as other considerations such as furniture removal and subfloor replacement.


No matter if you're installing your laminate floor flat or raised, several essential supplies will be necessary for success. These supplies include sound-blocking underlayment, moisture protection and barrier sheeting; prices of these materials will depend upon which wood and finish option is selected.

Doing your own click-and-lock laminate flooring project doesn't need to be complicated; all it requires are the appropriate tools and materials, along with accurate measurements.

Accurate measurements will help you avoid needing extra flooring. Take into account doorways and other features in the room when measuring, making sure that planks with their tongue facing the wall are positioned in an accurate manner, etc. Let the flooring adapt to the temperature and humidity levels in your home before beginning installation; this will prevent shrinkage or expansion issues later. Removing plastic packaging also promotes air circulation which assists the process.


Laminate flooring is a snap-together floor that emulates wood's look for less money and requires no refinishing, as well as providing other advantages like noise reduction and thermal insulation. While laminate cannot be refinished like real wood floors do, its resale value does not compare favorably.

If you're installing your laminate over concrete, the manufacturer may require that a moisture and vapor barrier is put into place to protect its components. A basic foam underlayment works great on plywood subfloors while cork or combination underlays offer greater durability for concrete surfaces.

Your choice of underlayment depends on both the environment and your personal style and durability preferences, but following manufacturers instructions is imperative; using incorrect underlayment could void your warranty. Denser options tend to hold up better over time while some models even come equipped with built-in moisture and vapor barriers, saving time by eliminating an extra step.


Laminate flooring is typically installed using an easy snap-together plank system and offers an economical alternative to real wood floors, giving your home an authentic wood look without breaking the bank. In addition, laminate floors are stain and scratch-resistant making it less likely to be damaged through daily wear and tear; however they cannot be refinished like hardwood flooring can, meaning if an area becomes significantly damaged you must replace it entirely.

Some laminate flooring comes with its underlayment attached, saving both time and money on installation. Be sure to review product specifications to see if this feature is included or not.

Prior to installing laminate floors, it's crucial that they acclimate themselves to the temperature and humidity conditions in their target room. It may take 48 to 72 hours for them to adjust to their surroundings - some expansion or contraction is normal and won't have an adverse impact on its integrity.


Laminate flooring is designed to look like wood, as well as stone and tile flooring. There is a range of styles, from casual wide planks to tailored narrow planks; finishes and embossments such as hand-scraped or oil finishes may also be available.

Laminate floors can be installed quickly thanks to their snap-together design, which doesn't require glue or grouting. However, for optimal results it is advisable to hire an experienced installer as their expertise can complete your project quickly - typically within one day!

When selecting a flooring contractor, make sure it is licensed and insured according to state requirements. Consider scheduling your project during fall when contractors tend to be less busy; this will help keep costs down. Furthermore, look for stores offering warranties as it will give peace of mind that you're getting good value. Compare prices across stores before selecting the best deal!

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