Lightest Material on Earth: Awesome Properties and Applications

May 19, 2023

The Lightest Material on Earth: Awesome Properties and Applications

When it comes to material science, finding the lightest materials on Earth has long been a pursuit of researchers. Over the years, many materials have been developed that are incredibly lightweight, with some even earning the coveted title of being the lightest material on Earth. In this post, we’ll explore some of the properties of the lightest material on Earth and the amazing applications that it has.

What is the Lightest Material on Earth?

The lightest material on Earth is a substance called aerogel. It is a unique material that is made up of 99.8% air and only 0.2% solid material. This makes aerogel incredibly lightweight, with a density of only 3 milligrams per cubic centimeter. To put that in perspective, aerogel is about 1000 times lighter than glass.

One of the most impressive properties of aerogel is its insulating properties. Because it is mostly air, it is an incredibly effective insulator, making it a popular material for use in thermal insulation in spacesuits, buildings, and other applications where you need to keep things warm or cold.

Applications of Aerogel

Aerogel has a wide range of applications, thanks to its unique properties. One of the most common uses of aerogel is in thermal insulation. Its high insulating properties make it an excellent choice for use in spacesuits, where astronauts need to stay warm in the harsh conditions of space.

Another application of aerogel is as a supercapacitor. Because it has a high surface area and can store lots of electrical charge, it makes a great choice for use in batteries and other electronic devices.

Aerogel is also used in the construction industry as a type of concrete additive to help improve insulation and reduce the overall weight of building materials. Some car manufacturers have even experimented with using aerogel in the construction of their vehicles to help reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.


The lightest material on Earth, aerogel, has a wide range of amazing properties that make it an incredibly useful material in various applications. From thermal insulation to electronic devices and even construction materials, aerogel is a versatile and fascinating substance that is sure to continue to be researched and developed for many years to come.



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