Midcentury Modern Homes for Sale in Michigan

January 5, 2023

Midland, Michigan is known for its impressive collection of midcentury modern homes. This midwestern town is home to many talented architects who have created unique residences. You may have seen some of these homes on HGTV or Apartment Therapy. These modern residences feature smart design and color. Often, these homes are available for sale. To find out more, contact your local real estate agent.

A classic example of the midcentury modern homes for sale in Michigan is the Applewood home. The home was built in 1957 and features large windows and plenty of built-in furniture. It's also located near the Tittabawassee River.

This modern residence was designed by James Bronkema. During the 1950s, he designed and built seven modern homes in Grand Rapids. His work was part of the Case Study House program, a program that brought together students, teachers, and community members to build innovative structures.

The James Bronkema home has a lush green roof. It has plenty of space, including five bedrooms. There's a full basement, a spacious kitchen, and a multilevel living area. Each of the rooms has custom built-ins and cabinets with storage below. Despite its contemporary aesthetics, the home still boasts some classic midcentury features, such as a great architectural staircase.

One of the defining characteristics of a modern home is the open floor plan. This house in Midland, Michigan has plenty of light, including a cathedral ceiling, a fireplace, and a multilevel family room. It has perimeter decks that allow for lots of outdoor living. Among the highlights of this midcentury home, you'll find a stunning master bedroom suite. The bedroom includes a dressing room and two baths.

Other features of this home include a cathedral ceiling, an all-original kitchen, a full basement, and a spacious screened-in porch. Another benefit of this home is its private location. Located in a wooded area, it offers ample privacy and a west-facing sunset.

Other modern Michigan homes for sale include the Goetsch-Winckler house. This house was originally designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition to its unique architecture, the house also proves that basic materials can yield a masterpiece. For this purpose, Trowbridge designed a steel and redwood bed frame. He has also custom-tiled the kitchen backsplash.

While Midland, Michigan is a well-known destination for modern architecture, it isn't the only place you can find midcentury homes. In fact, you'll find modern residences for sale throughout the state of Michigan. Whether you're looking to purchase a contemporary home for your family or want to live in a modern condo, you'll find the perfect fit for you.

Midcentury modern homes for sale in Michigan are often unique and colorful. You'll notice the color of the walls, floors, and doors. They offer a funky twist to the classic midcentury style. If you're interested in buying one of these homes, contact a local real estate agent. HGTV recently gave it a special mention.

Midcentury design foundations are ideal for the Midwest. Natural light, large windows, and open spaces make it possible for these styles to thrive in Michigan.


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