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June 6, 2023

Pipe shelves are an affordable and stylish solution to fill an empty wall space in any room, and can add an urban-farmhouse aesthetic.

Custom shelves can be expensive and need expert installation; however, you can construct your own shelving unit at a much reduced cost.

This light oak and pipe shelf is an elegant yet simple addition to any room in the house, available in multiple colors and finishes for easy customization.

How to build a pipe shelf

Pipe shelves provide an eye-catching way to display books or create an eye-catching shelving unit with their industrial charm, adding an eye-catching focal point in any room. Plus, their DIY construction makes for an easy and fun DIY project! Pipe shelves add instantaneous character.

This blogger provides a step by step guide for building stunning industrial pipe shelves, outlining all the supplies necessary. She also provides suggestions for decorative touches to customize each shelf to your preferences.

This blogger also has an incredible video that will demonstrate how to quickly build these industrial pipe shelves in no time at all. Even novice DIYers can tackle this project, just remembering to place rubber pads underneath each elbow connector so your floor doesn't get scratched and loosen the flanges enough so they can be screwed into place on your walls.


Are you drawn to the idea of a floor to ceiling pipe shelf but you feel intimidated by DIY projects like this one? Consider taking a simpler route like that showcased on this blog for something just as impressive but less daunting - like this plan shown here!

Making this project is not complicated or confusing - even for newcomers to building. All materials necessary can be easily found at local hardware stores.

Design Improvised provides you with an excellent method for making a scale drawing of your wall to gauge exactly how much wood and pipe will be necessary, thus eliminating any unpleasant surprises down the line. As a result, this beautiful piece of furniture can complement any decor in any room, as well as being easily moveable when need be to rearrange furniture or move your own belongings around.


Building pipe shelves may seem daunting at first, but it doesn't need to be complicated. By using just a few essential tools you can quickly create an eye-catching shelving display that matches your decor - and even customize its aesthetic by switching out colors of pipe or adding stain finishes!

If you want to get really inventive with your shelves, why not experiment with different shapes? For instance, an L-bracket could create angled shelves. Additionally, concrete may offer more contemporary aesthetics.

Before embarking on a project, it's essential to carefully plan out your design and measurements. A tape measure can help ensure you cut pipe to exact lengths; additionally, use a level to ensure shelves remain straight.

To build the pipes, you'll require flanges and anchors from Home Depot or online. Once you have these items in hand, mark where you will attach the flanges by marking with pencil.


Depending on the style you desire for your shelf, pine boards stained in different hues may give it a rustic appeal while hard wood such as poplar may give more modern industrial aesthetic.

Once you've secured your lumber, head back out to Home Depot's plumbing department for pipe pieces - they come in kits of four risers, flanges and ends - as well as some drywall anchors to hang the shelves.

Once you have the appropriate-sized pipes, mark on the wall where you plan to hang the shelves with a level using it as a measuring tool to determine whether the flanges will sit flush against it; if not, pre-drill it before installing drywall anchors with screws and anchor pads beneath. Adding left pads under elbow connectors on bottom may be useful in protecting floors against excessive weight being put onto these shelves.




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