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Store plugs, power strips, cords, adapters and wires neatly inside this sleek modern organizer; Keep all necessary electrical items and supplies from sight and away from your family and pets which can be harmful or dangerous if played with or chewed on; Keep this home organizing box tucked below desks, next to the computer, behind the TV, or inside a cabinet for more discreet storage

This lidded box easily contains cords and electrical needs; It tucks conveniently next to work desks, computer stations or entertainment centers creating a clean, clutter-free environment; There is plenty of space for cord slack, or even storing a few extra items; Remove the tangles of wires and cables which can become tripping hazards in your home; The lid doubles as a tray that can be used as a charging station or to store smart phones and other small devices

This innovative organizing bin was designed for the modern home and busy work environments; This box has thoughtfully incorporated side vents to allow for air flow and keep things cool or from over-heating; Great for dorm rooms, apartments, condos, RVs, and campers too; Use this durable and functional organizing bin anywhere you have cords and cables that need to be contained; Ideal for home or commercial office spaces

Product name: cable organizer box
Product material: PP
Product weight: 384g
Product size: 33*13.2*11CM (12.99*5.20*4.33inch)

1*cable organizer box

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