NOANTA Natural Macrame Cord 3mm x 109yards, Colored Macrame Rope, Cotton Rope Macrame Yarn, Colorful Cotton Craft Cord for Wall Hanging, Plant Hangers, Crafts, Knitting



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Product Description

Macrame is a great way to incorporate more handmade items into your home decor of chic, bohemian vibe. There are so many uses for macrame too; from plant hangers, fruit and veggie holders, decorative wall hangings and even jewelry!Farmers, Ranchers and Gardeners also can use natural cotton cord in the production and storage of their harvests and for livestock. They are perfect for trellising climbing plants, tying plants to a support, bundling together fresh cut flowers or veggies. They are friendly to the environment and natural.Pet Lovers who are looking for a 100% cotton pet toy, pet bedroom should use our cotton rope.We provide different length and diameter to suit your needs!

Soft, Durable, Easy to Work With: Our cord is gently twisted but also strong enough, super soft to the touch to protect the hands, smooth, sturdy, and easy to work with
Make Gorgeous Work by Yourself : Our macrame rope has a very beautiful color, makes the rope more attractive for artisan of all levels with beginners to advanced skills as it is easy on your eyes. Makes your projects look very gorgeous. I believe you can learn from our customers
Tons Of Uses : Plenty of ropes with tons of possibilities. You can use this cotton rope for macrame wall hanging, plant hangers, dream catcher, gardening, gift wrapping, packing material, jewelry and crafts, pets toys and more. Overall, good quality and useful for having around the house
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