Restaurants in Cicero - Menu Highlights

April 11, 2023

This summer, Cicero lost one of its most renowned buildings to demolition. Klas Restaurant on Cermak Road, a Moravian-style building with ornate dining rooms and murals from an earlier era surrounded by stained glass windows, had been a landmark of Cicero for a century.

The restaurant had a rich and complex past, including its role in the town's DIY punk rock scene. Additionally, it served as an important hub for Czech, Slovak and Eastern European culture.

For Cicero, a town defined by migration, the loss of one piece of its heritage can be devastating. Yet it's essential to remember that there are still things worth preserving.

Thankfully, Cicero offers several restaurants that preserve their classic charm while serving up modern-day fare. From burgers and hot dogs to Italian beef and pizza, these establishments have something for everyone in Cicero's dining scene.

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog is a classic neighborhood restaurant that guarantees to leave you satisfied and full. With locations in Melrose Park, Berwyn, and Cicero, Lucky Dog has something to suit everyone's taste buds - from their signature Polish Dog to Italian Beef sandwiches. Lucky Dog truly has it all!

Steak'n Egger

Open 24/7 for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this family-owned 24-hour eatery has a delicious menu that'll fill you up before the big day. Customers rave about their Big Boy sandwich - half-pound chopped steak on Texas toast served with fries.

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