Abandoned Homes in Detroit: The Salvage Sanctuary

February 25, 2021
The city of Detroit is on a mission to rid itself of its large number of abandoned homes. The number of abandoned homes in Detroit skyrocketed after much of the industry left the city. I am proposing that these pieces be brought in order for people across the country and around the world could purchase them from physical locations or online marketplaces--I think it's an incredible idea! The Pavilion would have sections where you could see what was salvageable, depending upon your needs: windows without glass; boards off trees with usable wood remaining inside (enough for firewood maybe?) And there would also be brick paving stones ready to lay down if desired as well . This project does not only help clean up our beautiful earth but creates new financial and creative opportunities for the people of Detroit.

Detroit, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is currently facing a significant issue - a large number of abandoned homes. This problem, which has been escalating since the industry left the city, has led to the creation of an innovative solution known as the "Salvage Sanctuary."

The Salvage Sanctuary in Detroit is a proposed project aimed at addressing the city's abandoned homes problem. The idea is to salvage materials from these abandoned homes and bring them to one location for sorting and curating. These materials can then be sold through physical locations or online marketplaces, providing new financial and creative opportunities for the people of Detroit.

Salvaging materials from abandoned homes is not a new concept. Organizations like Reclaim Detroit have been working towards this goal for years. However, the Salvage Sanctuary takes this idea a step further by creating a dedicated space for these materials - a Salvage Pavilion.

The Salvage Pavilion, largely constructed out of salvaged woodwork such as windows and bricks, serves as a testament to the city's commitment to revitalizing Detroit through salvage. It provides a space where buyers can see what's available and choose materials based on their needs. This project not only helps clean up the city but also provides insight into the history and stories of these abandoned homes.

The issue of Detroit's residential blight is a complex one. According to a report by BridgeDetroit, people continue to abandon homes they cannot afford, leading to a decline in neighborhoods. The Salvage Sanctuary provides a unique solution to this problem by preserving abandoned houses in Detroit and repurposing their materials.

Interestingly, unique treasures have been discovered in abandoned homes. As highlighted by Family Handyman, these abandoned homes can hold valuable items that can be salvaged and reused. The Salvage Sanctuary provides a platform for these treasures to find new homes and purposes.

The spirit of salvage in Detroit is not just about repurposing materials; it's about reclaiming the city's identity. Detroit's interior design scene is being reshaped by the materials salvaged from these abandoned homes. These materials, each with their unique history and character, are being used to create spaces that reflect the city's past and its hopeful future.

Of the many properties deemed salvageable in Detroit, some are being preserved and repurposed. This approach not only addresses the issue of abandoned homes but also contributes to the city's urban renewal efforts. The Salvage Sanctuary is a testament to these efforts, showcasing the potential of salvage in transforming a city.

While Detroit is home to many abandoned places, it's also a city of renewal and transformation. The Salvage Sanctuary is a symbol of this transformation, turning the city's problem of abandoned homes into an opportunity for creativity and innovation.


The vacant, abandoned homes in Detroit are a major problem. I am suggesting that the pieces of these structures can be brought to one location for sorting and curating them before they go online or off-site sale with an option at physical proximity where buyers will have access throughout their purchase process from start criteria selection all way through payment processing
The pavilion consists largely out salvaged woodwork such as windows and bricks which gives it not just another look but also provides insight about itself by asking questions like "What do you think happened here?"
In conclusion, the Salvage Sanctuary is more than just a solution to Detroit's abandoned homes problem; it's a symbol of the city's resilience and innovation. By salvaging materials from these homes and giving them new life, Detroit is not just addressing a problem but also creating opportunities for its people. As we look towards the future, we can expect to see more initiatives like the Salvage Sanctuary, reshaping the city and redefining what it means to be a part of Detroit.
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