Types of Shop Front Elevation Design Ideas

February 3, 2023

A shop front elevation is the exterior of a store that customers see when they visit the premises. It is the facade of your business, and it should be designed to draw customers in and make them feel welcome. To help you create an eye-catching shop front elevation, here are some design ideas you can use as inspiration.


Create an Eye-Catching Shop Front Elevation with These Design Ideas


Shop Front Elevation Design Ideas


The front elevation of a shop is one of the most important factors that can impact your store’s image. A well-designed shop front can attract more customers and increase sales.


There are many types of design ideas that you can use to create your ideal shop front. These include:


Traditional Design

The traditional design is a classic look that will give your shop a timeless feel. This design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance and luxury to their shop. The exterior is made of brick and stone cladding, with simple windows that are easy to maintain.


 Shop Front Elevation  Shop Front Elevation


ACP Panels

As a result of its durability and strength, ACP panels are often used for the front elevation of shop fronts. They are also inexpensive and require less maintenance than other materials.


Wood Exterior ACP Sheet Elevation

If you’re looking for a natural, organic look for your store, then you may consider choosing an exterior ACP sheet style that features a wood veneer over an aluminum composite panel. The wood grain is visible through the clear topcoat, creating a beautiful and unique look for your shop.

ACP panels are lightweight and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for busy retail environments. They’re also available in a variety of colors and patterns to match the overall look of your store.


Use Colorful Paint

A great way to add visual interest to your shop front elevation is by painting it with a bright color scheme. Think about colors that reflect your brand identity; if you have a modern vibe, choose bold primary colors like red, blue, and yellow. If you’re going for a classic look, opt for muted pastels like light blues and pinks. Your color choice should complement the surrounding environment as well as capture people’s attention from afar.


colorful shop front


A key factor in the design of your shop front is the color scheme you choose. A bright and eye-catching color can make your shop stand out from the rest of the area and attract more customers. For instance, a lemon yellow or turquoise color can be used to promote a fun theme, while darker hues can be used for more sophisticated themes. You can even customize your color scheme by using a textured paint.



Utilize Lighting Features

Lighting features can really make your shop front elevation stand out from the crowd. Consider adding spotlights or neon signs that highlight your logo or brand name on the front of your store. You can also install additional lighting to accentuate window displays or certain architectural elements of your building. This will draw attention to those features and make them more visible to passersby.



Include Artwork

Artwork can be used to show off your style in a unique way while making your shop front elevation look inviting and interesting. Consider adding murals or sculptures that incorporate elements of your brand identity while still being aesthetically pleasing to look at. Make sure whatever artwork you choose ties into the overall design aesthetic of your store so that it looks cohesive and deliberate rather than disjointed or mismatched.



Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your shop front. This will determine how much material you’ll need to cover it. It will also help you figure out how much to budget for this project.

The main goal of any shop front is to attract customers and increase sales. The front elevation is the first thing that will be noticed by your customers. Therefore, it is essential to design it properly so that it can do this job properly.



With these design ideas, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching shop front elevation that will draw customers in from all around! Utilize lighting features, use colorful paint, and include artwork so passersby know what kind of business they’re looking at from afar. With a bit of creativity and effort, you’ll have an attractive storefront in no time!

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