14 Best Color Combinations For Green

March 9, 2023

Color has the power to determine the mood and emotion of any space, so when you’re looking to create an inviting, inviting environment, the choice of colors you put together is incredibly important. One of the most popular colors out there is green, and while it can be used alone to great effect, it can also be paired with a range of different colors to create some truly stunning combinations. Here are 30 colors that go great with green, either as accents or all-over shades.

black floor lamp at the corner

1. Gray – Gray is an incredibly versatile color that pairs well with all shades of green. Gray brings sophistication, sophistication and sophistication and pairs particularly well with lighter green shades.

2. Tan – Tan is a warm, inviting color that lends itself to a more natural, earthy look that helps to enhance green’s natural beauty.

3. Cream – Cream adds a sense of softness and lightness to any space, particularly when paired with a darker green.

4. White – White is a classic color for pairing with green and helps to reflect light, making a space appear more open and roomy.

5. Black – Black can add depth and contrast to a space, particularly when paired with a lighter green.

6. Orange – When done right, orange and green can create a fun, cheerful atmosphere with plenty of energy.

7. Blue – Blue and green are two of the most popular colors to go together, as they’re both calming yet dynamic.

8. Purple – Purple is a rich, royal color that can add a touch of elegance to any green-based color scheme.

9. Brown – Brown and green make for a comforting, cozy color combination – particularly when paired with lighter greens.

10. Yellow – Yellow can add a sunny, cheery touch to any space, helping to brighten up dark green walls.

11. Aqua – Aqua is a cool and serene color that works well with greens of all shades, helping to create a tranquil atmosphere.

12. Magenta – Magenta is a vivid color that can offer a vibrant look when combined with green, particularly in warm shades.

13. Peach – Peach is a subtle yet stunning color and helps to create a romantic, elegant atmosphere when combined with green.

14. Burgundy – Burgundy is a deep, rich color that provides a sophisticated look.


black floor lamp at the corner

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