Antilia House Price in Indian Rupees: A Comprehensive Overview

April 27, 2023

Antilia is a residential skyscraper in Mumbai, India, which has become one of the most talked-about buildings in the world due to its size and opulence. The building is the largest and most expensive residential property in the world, with a total area of around 400,000 square feet, and a price tag of over $1 billion. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire chairman of Reliance Industries Limited.


Antilia is located on Altamont Road in South Mumbai, which is one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in the city. This area is also known as the billionaires’ row and is home to several other wealthy businessmen, celebrities, and politicians. The location of Antilia provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and Mumbai skyline.

Design and Architecture

The building, which is named after the mythical island of Antilia, was designed by Chicago-based architecture firm, Perkins+Will. The design is a unique combination of traditional Indian architecture and modern technology. The building has 27 floors, six underground parking levels, and three helicopter landing pads. The building also features a four-story garden, a ballroom, several pools, a spa, a temple, and a movie theater.

One of the most striking features of the building is its glass facade, which is made up of over 600,000 square feet of glass. The facade also includes several custom-made handmade crystal chandeliers. The building is equipped with several modern amenities, including a home automation system, a high-speed elevator, and a 24-hour security system.

The Price of Antilia House

The price of Antilia House is one of the most debated topics in India. According to reports, the building cost over $1 billion to construct. This makes Antilia the most expensive residential property in the world. With the Indian currency, the price of Antilia House is around 75,000,000,000 Indian Rupees.

The cost of the building has been a subject of controversy in India, with many people questioning the source of Ambani’s wealth and the ethics of such lavish spending in a country where poverty is rampant. However, Ambani has defended the project, stating that the building was not just a symbol of wealth but also a sustainable and energy-efficient structure.

Impact on Real Estate Market in Mumbai

Antilia has had a significant impact on the real estate market in Mumbai. The building has set a new benchmark for luxury living in the city, and many developers have tried to replicate its success. The demand for luxury apartments in Mumbai has increased since the construction of Antilia, with developers focusing on creating high-end properties to cater to the growing demand.

However, the cost of living in Mumbai has also increased significantly since the construction of Antilia. The building has created a divide between the wealthy and the rest of the population, as the cost of living in the city has become too high for many people.


Antilia House has become a symbol of extravagance and wealth in India. The building’s construction and price have been a subject of controversy, with many people questioning the morality of such lavish spending in a country grappling with poverty. However, the building has also had a significant impact on the real estate market in Mumbai, with developers focusing on creating high-end properties to cater to the growing demand for luxury living. In conclusion, Antilia is a unique and impressive structure that has captured the imagination of people around the world.



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