Artwork by Konstantin Razumov

January 4, 2023

Konstantin Razumov is a Russian painter who works in the Impressionist style. He is known for his beautiful female portraits. His paintings are characterized by rich color pops in clothing and floral accents. These paintings have a modern, ethereal feel and depict the beauty of the female form in extravagant clothing.

Konstantin Razumov is an impressionist who has been influenced by many styles. For example, he combines the realism of the 19th century with the impressionism of the early 20th century. His work is known for its realistic details, but he also adds a modern touch. In addition, he paints his artwork in oil or pastel. As a result, his paintings are in high demand.

The prices of Konstantin Razumov's artworks range from 440 USD to 24,390 USD. His works have been sold at auctions several times. Konstantin Razumov also sells portrait paintings. The prices of these paintings vary according to the size and complexity of the painting.


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