Bedroom Vanity Ideas: How to Create Your Dream Vanity

April 26, 2023


A bedroom vanity is not only a functional piece of furniture, but it also adds elegance and sophistication to your bedroom. It is a perfect place to apply makeup, store jewelry, or get ready for the day. Designing your dream vanity is easy with the right inspiration and tips. In this article, we will go over some creative bedroom vanity ideas to help you create your very own stylish space.

Choose the Right Type of Vanity

Before jumping into the design and decoration of your vanity, you need to decide on the type of vanity you want. There are four main types of bedroom vanities: freestanding, built-in, corner, and wall-mounted. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the space and style of your bedroom.

- Freestanding vanities are a classic option that can stand on its own and showcase its beauty. They come in various sizes, designs, and finishes to match your bedroom decor. If you have a spacious room, a freestanding vanity can be a statement piece and add character to your space.

- Built-in vanities are an excellent option if you have limited space or prefer a minimalist look. They blend seamlessly with your existing decor and create a cohesive look. A built-in vanity can be incorporated into your closet, beside your bed or as part of a storage unit.

- Corner vanities are ideal for small bedrooms or awkward spaces that are difficult to furnish. They take up less floor space and maximize the available space. A corner vanity can be designed with multiple drawers, a mirror, and lights, making it fully functional.

- Wall-mounted vanities are modern, space-saving, and stylish. They are a perfect option for those who prefer a minimalist look and ambiance in their bedroom. Wall-mounted vanities can be installed with or without drawers, and their height can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Choose the Right Location

Once you have decided on the type of vanity, you need to select the perfect location for it. Depending on the size and layout of your bedroom, you can place your vanity in various locations.

- Beside your bed: Placing your vanity beside your bed can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. This location can accommodate a freestanding or built-in vanity as well as offer additional storage options.

- In your closet: If you have a walk-in closet, you can design a built-in vanity within it. A closet vanity can provide a private space to get ready, store makeup and jewelry, and keep your clothing organized.

- In front of a window: Placing your vanity in front of a window allows natural light to flow into your space, creating a bright and airy ambiance. Moreover, it provides a beautiful view and a relaxing environment.

Choose the Right Style and Color

Choosing the right style and color for your vanity is essential to ensure it fits your bedroom decor and personal taste. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, including modern, minimalist, classic, rustic, and glam.

- Modern: A modern vanity is characterized by its sleek lines, clean look, and minimalist design. It is a perfect option for those who want a simple yet stylish vanity that blends with their bedroom decor.

- Minimalist: A minimalist vanity is characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and neutral color palette. A minimalist vanity can have a wall-mounted design, drawer storage, and no-frills mirror.

- Classic: A classic vanity is characterized by its traditional design, ornate details, and elegant finishes. A classic vanity can be made of wood, have a vintage-inspired mirror, and feature carved legs or decorations.

- Rustic: A rustic vanity is characterized by its natural wood texture, distressed finishes, and warm hues. It is a perfect option for those who want a cozy and earthy look to their vanity.

- Glam: A glam vanity is characterized by its luxurious finishes, bold colors, and decorative details. It is a perfect option for those who want to add glamor and elegance to their bedroom.

Add Storage and Accessories

To make your vanity fully functional, you need to add storage and accessories to it. Adding drawers, trays, and organizers to your vanity helps keep your makeup, brushes, and jewelry neat and tidy.

- Drawers: A vanity with drawers provides ample storage for cosmetics, jewelry, and other beauty essentials. It also adds a touch of elegance and organization to your space.

- Trays: A tray is an excellent accessory to keep your smaller beauty essentials organized and within reach. You can place your perfume, lip balm, and other small items on a beautiful tray.

- Organizers: Organizers are essential to keep your makeup and brushes organized, especially if you have a large collection. You can use acrylic drawers or separators to keep your items neat and tidy.

Install Adequate Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in your vanity design. It helps you apply makeup, check your outfit, and create a relaxed ambiance.

- Natural light: If possible, try to place your vanity in front of a window to take advantage of natural light. It provides excellent lighting for daytime and adds a pleasant atmosphere to your space.

- Overhead lighting: Overhead lighting is essential for a vanity setup. It provides bright light that illuminates your face and helps you apply makeup flawlessly.

- Mirror lighting: Mirror lighting is necessary for a vanity to create an even and clear light source. You can install a lighted mirror, place sconces beside your mirror, or hang pendant lights.


Q: How big should my vanity be?

A: The size of your vanity depends on the available space and your needs. A freestanding vanity can be as small as 20 inches and as wide as 60 inches. A built-in vanity can be customized to fit your specific measurements.

Q: Can I make my vanity from scratch?

A: Yes, making your vanity from scratch is possible. You can use a pre-made vanity kit and customize the finish, handles, and style.

Q: Can I incorporate a seat in my vanity setup?

A: Yes, adding a seat to your vanity is an excellent addition to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. You can use an upholstered stool or chair that matches your vanity style.

Q: Do I need to match my vanity with my bedroom decor?

A: No, you do not necessarily have to match your vanity with your bedroom decor. You can use your vanity as a statement piece and create a bold contrast with your existing decor.

In conclusion, designing your dream bedroom vanity takes time, inspiration, and creativity. You can choose the right type, location, style, and color to create an elegant and functional vanity. Adding storage, lighting, and accessories help elevate your vanity to the next level. Finally, incorporating your personal touches and preferences adds character and personality to your space.

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