Bunny Sitting 101: The Basics for First-Time Bunny Sitters

May 26, 2023

Bunny Sitting 101: The Basics for First-Time Bunny Sitters

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Bunny sitting may seem like a straightforward task, but it's important to understand that there is more to it than just feeding the rabbit and cleaning its cage. Bunnies require specific care and attention that inexperienced sitters may not be aware of. This blog will provide first-time bunny sitters with the basics they need to ensure their furry friend is healthy and happy while in their care.

Preparing the Bunny's Home

Before the bunny arrives, make sure its living space is tidy and safe. Clean the cage and remove any hazardous items or structures that could harm the bunny. If the cage has a wire bottom, cover it with a soft towel or rug so that the bunny's delicate feet are not injured. Provide the bunny with fresh bedding, hay, and water, and ensure that the cage is spacious enough for the bunny to move around comfortably.

Feeding the Bunny

Bunnies have specific dietary requirements and need to be fed the right foods in the right amounts. Feed your bunny a balanced diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and pellets. Too many pellets can cause obesity, so limit their intake and give them in moderation. You should also avoid giving them sugary snacks as they can lead to digestion problems. Provide them with plenty of fresh water, and make sure their water bottle is cleaned regularly.

Playtime and Exercise

Bunnies love to play, and they need exercise to stay healthy. You should let your bunny out of its cage for a few hours a day to run around and play. Make sure the space is safe and bunny-proofed with no dangerous items that could harm your bunny. You should also provide your bunny with toys, such as balls or tunnels, to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Grooming the Bunny

Regular grooming is essential to keep your bunny healthy and happy. Bunnies shed their fur and need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting and hairballs. You should also trim their nails every few weeks to prevent injury or painful ingrown nails. Make sure your bunny is groomed regularly to prevent any health issues from arising.


In conclusion, bunny sitting may seem daunting, but this blog has provided you with the basics you need to take good care of your furry friend. With a clean and safe living space, balanced diet, plenty of playtime and exercise, and regular grooming, your bunny will thrive under your care. Remember to give your bunny love and attention, and you'll be rewarded with a happy and healthy bunny. Happy bunny sitting!



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