Debunking 5 Common Myths About Solar Cell Panels

March 11, 2023

Solar cell panels are a relatively new invention, so there are many misconceptions floating around about them. Unfortunately, many of these misconceptions cause people to doubt their effectiveness or the value they offer. In this article, we’ll address nine of the most common myths about solar cell panels and demonstrate why they are untrue.

white and blue solar panels

Myth #1: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

Solar cell panels are an expensive initial investment, but their cost has decreased significantly over the years. Solar panel costs have dropped by over 85% since the year 2010, with the average cost of an installed system dropping from $7.67/W to $1.17/W. In addition, most solar panel installation companies offer financing to homeowners so they can install solar cell panels without breaking the bank. As the technology continues to improve and prices fall, the cost of solar panels is likely to become even more affordable.

Myth #2: Solar Panels Don't Work On Cloudy Days

This myth is false. Although solar panels are less efficient on cloudy days due to decreased light absorption, they still produce power. However, since direct sunlight is the most efficient source of energy, solar cell panel owners should have a backup source of energy such as a battery storage system on cloudy days.

Myth #3: Solar Panels Don't Fit On All Roofs

Almost any roof can accommodate solar cell panels, but there are certain requirements that must be met. When mounting solar panels, the roof must be structurally sound and able to withstand additional weight. The roof must also be exposed to direct sunlight for at least four to six hours per day. If your roof meets these requirements, it can be fitted with solar cell panels.

Myth #4: Solar Panels Don't Provide Enough Energy

Solar cell panels are capable of producing a large amount of energy, depending on the size and orientation of the system. Many homeowners can even produce more energy than they need, which can be sold back to the grid or used to power their home.

Myth #5: Solar Panels Take Too Long to Install

This myth is also false. Solar cell panel installation usually takes between one to five days, depending on the size and complexity of the system.

white and black wooden house under white sky during daytime

It's clear that solar cell panels are a powerful source of renewable energy, yet people can often be scared off by myths about the technology. As we now understand, these myths are completely unfounded and mask how powerful and profitable this energy source really is. Solar energy is a reliable, renewable solution to the world's growing demand for power - more people should be encouraged to explore installation of solar panels in their homes or businesses. With further cost reductions, financial support and further innovation in solar technology, this sustainable solution could become one of the most important resources utilized by humanity.


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