Discover Some Common Construction Estimation Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dream Project

June 9, 2023

Estimation is fundamental when undertaking a construction project, but it is almost a highly complex job. How much profit you will make depends on how accurate your estimate is and how closely they match up when you finalize the project. Are your estimates accurate? A market survey has recently revealed that most construction companies make their profit analysis based on the cost of construction estimates. However, it is, on the other hand, very accurate that most contractors are not very confident about the forecast. If you put together a series of unprofitable projects, you might lose confidence.

Most contractors have agreed that 2 or 3 failed projects can ruin their business altogether. Hence getting an accurate construction estimate is no easy task, and finding a good estimator is significant. Since the project is based on a series of variables, making an estimate is very difficult. Everything has to be considered, from labor cost of materials, licenses, and permits. All these things should be perfect. If you do not take any one aspect into account, then you can come up with a lousy bid which will either make you lose money or you might lose out to your competitors in the market. Hence having an accurate bid based on construction estimating tips is critical.

Listed below are inevitable mistakes that contractors make when finalizing a construction bid.

Not going for a site visit

You need to conduct a site visit before you bring about a construction estimate. Hence with your construction estimating consultant, you should go to the site, note down all the measurements, inspect the topography of the area, and then you can come up with the proper estimation of the project. It would help if you also considered the traffic and road accessibility of the site to determine how much space you have for equipment, staging, and storage of materials and the environmental protections you will require while undertaking the construction. If you have any subcontractors, you should also bring them to the site, allowing them to access the site and factor in any additional cost that the existing site conditions might require. You can include it in your bid and estimation.

Having take off that is inaccurate

The take-off is the primary basis for your estimate. If your take-off is inaccurate and incomplete, it can screw up the entire assessment. Only when your take-off is accurate can you come off with the exact quantities you will require for supplies and materials for construction projects. These are also required to determine how much equipment and labor you will need. If you miss essential items during take-off or don’t undertake accurate measurements, then the overestimate of the project will not help you win the bid. If you make an underestimation, then you will win a project that will not be a profitable deal for you.

Hence you may hire construction estimation consultants with software to help you come up with close estimates. It will also help you in saving time because if you do it manually, it might take forever. All you need to take care of is hiring a good consultant from because only when they have proper training can they comfortably use this software.



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