Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor: A Trendy Way to Bring Nature Indoors

April 14, 2023

Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor: A Trendy Way to Bring Nature Indoors

If you love the idea of bringing the beauty of nature into your home or office, but are not keen on the idea of displaying real taxidermy, then faux taxidermy wall decor is the perfect solution. This trendy and innovative way of decorating your walls with animal components is captivating the attention of many homeowners, interior designers, and businesses everywhere.

Faux taxidermy wall decor is a modern and chic way of incorporating the natural world into your place of living or work. The faux animal mounts are made of synthetic materials like resin, acrylic, or foam, so they aren’t derived from a real animal. This makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for nature lovers who enjoy incorporating organic elements in their decorating scheme.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of faux taxidermy wall decor and see why it is undoubtedly a perfect way to bring nature indoors.

The Benefits of Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor

Faux taxidermy wall decor offers numerous benefits compared to traditional taxidermy or alternative wall decor options. Below are some of the benefits to expect from faux taxidermy wall decor:


Faux taxidermy wall decor is more affordable than traditional taxidermy. It is ideal for those who might find real taxidermy too expensive.

No Maintenance

Unlike real taxidermy, faux taxidermy wall decor requires minimal maintenance. Synthetic materials do not rot, and due to the lack of organic buildup, faux taxidermy does not require as much upkeep compared to traditional taxidermy.


Faux taxidermy wall decor has an abundance of options to choose from, and their application isn’t limited to particular spaces. It can be used virtually anywhere - bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and beyond.


Faux taxidermy wall decor adds a stylish feel to your home or office. Animal mounts come in different colors and styles, so whether you prefer classic or the latest trendy designs, there is an option for you.

The Many Forms of Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor

There are various forms of faux taxidermy wall decor available on the market today. They range from animal head mounts, animal masks, wall art, and other animal shapes. Below are some of the most popular faux taxidermy wall decor pieces:

Animal head mounts

Faux animal head mounts are the most popular type of faux taxidermy wall decor. They come in a variety of animal mounts such as deer, antelope, bear, unicorn, and elephant. These animal head mounts provide a realistic and natural look to any room.

Animal masks

Faux animal masks are an excellent alternative to animal head mounts. They come in a range of animals from the common lion and tiger to the less common gorilla and elephant. Animal masks are great for adding a dramatic feel to any room.

Animal shapes

Faux taxidermy animal shapes are an excellent way of adding a personal touch to your decor. Shapes range from small bears, rabbits, and dogs to larger animals like giraffes and horses. These animal shapes provide a lighthearted feel to any room.


Isn’t faux taxidermy wall decor unethical?

Not at all! Faux taxidermy wall decor is 100% cruelty-free, and it does not involve the killing of any animals. The synthetic materials used are eco-friendly and sustainable, making it ethical and responsible.

Can faux taxidermy wall decor be used for outdoor decorations?

Due to the synthetic materials used, faux taxidermy wall decor is not ideal for outdoor use. Poor weather conditions can cause the material to become scuffed and faded over time.

Is Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor durable?

Faux taxidermy wall decor is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Synthetic materials used in creating animal mounts are resistant to damage and decay, making them a reliable addition to any wall decor.

Are faux animal head mounts difficult to install?

Installation of animal head mounts depends on the size and position it will take. Some may require simple tools, while others may involve more complicated installations.

Can faux taxidermy wall decor be cleaned?

Yes! Cleaning faux taxidermy decor is straightforward with a simple dusting and cleaning cloth to wipe down. However, avoid using harsh chemicals, perfumes, or sprays as they may cause discoloration or damage the material.

In conclusion, faux taxidermy wall decor is a trend worth embracing if you’re looking for a chic and affordable way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your home or office. The various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs of faux taxidermy wall decor make it possible for everyone to enjoy it as a modern and unique approach to interior decor. With this type of decoration, the nature-inspired look in your home or office can be elegant, tasteful, and cruelty-free.



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