Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

May 18, 2023

Hardwood floors not only add beauty to a home, but can also improve the value of your home. It’s a durable and a long-lasting flooring option that can last for decades. However, after years of wear and tear, your hardwood floors may start to look dull, scratched, or worn. That’s where hardwood floor refinishing comes in.

If you’re a homeowner in Los Angeles and considering hardwood floor refinishing, this comprehensive guide will help you get started.

Why refinish your hardwood floors?

Over time, hardwood floors experience wear and tear from foot traffic, furniture movement, and daily use. Scratches, dents, and fading can make them look dull and outdated. Refinishing your hardwood floors can restore their beauty and extend their lifespan.

When to refinish your hardwood floors?

Ideally, you should refinish your hardwood floors every 7 to 10 years. However, the frequency of refinishing depends on the amount of foot traffic, pets, and furniture movement in your home. If you notice scratches, dents, or fading, it’s time to consider refinishing your hardwood floors.

The hardwood floor refinishing process:

The hardwood floor refinishing process involves the following steps:

1. Sanding: The first step in refinishing your hardwood floors is sanding. Sanding removes the top layer of the hardwood floor, including any scratches or dents.

2. Staining: After sanding, if you want to change the color of your hardwood floors, staining is the next step. Stains come in a variety of colors to match your preferences.

3. Sealing: Once the stain has dried, the next step is sealing. Sealing protects your floors from moistures, spills, and stains.

Choosing a hardwood floor refinishing contractor:

Choosing the right contractor for your hardwood floor refinishing is crucial to get the best results. Here are a few tips to choose the right contractor:

1. Experience: Choose a contractor with experience in hardwood floor refinishing.

2. Licensing and insurance: Ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured.

3. References: Check references and reviews from previous clients.

4. Price: Compare the quotes from different contractors and choose the one that meets your budget.


Hardwood floor refinishing can give your home a fresh look and extend the life of your hardwood floors. If you’re a homeowner in Los Angeles, this comprehensive guide will help you get started. Remember to choose the right contractor for the best results.



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