How to Make Red Bricks: A Beginner's Guide

April 27, 2023

Bricks have been used for thousands of years as a reliable building material. They are made from clay which is then heated and molded into the desired shape. The primary advantage of using bricks is their durability and resistance to fire, making them an ideal option for building structures that need to withstand harsh conditions.

If you are interested in making red bricks at home or starting a brick-making business, this beginner's guide will provide you with all the necessary information on how to make bricks from scratch.

Gather your Materials

Before you begin making bricks, it's important to gather all the necessary materials. Clay is the primary material used in making red bricks, so you'll need a reliable source of clay soil. You can dig up clay soil from your backyard or purchase it from a local supplier.

In addition to clay, you'll also need water, sand, and straw. The sand is used to balance the clay mixture, while the straw is used as a binding agent. You'll also need a mold to shape the bricks and a kiln to bake them.

Preparing the Clay

The first step in making red bricks is to prepare the clay. Dig up the clay soil and spread it out on a tarp to dry out. Once the clay is dry, break it up into small pieces and remove any rocks or debris.

Next, add water to the clay and knead it until it reaches a smooth and consistent texture. This process is known as the 'pugging' process. Make sure the clay is not too wet, as it will not hold its shape properly.

Adding Sand and Straw

Once you've prepared the clay, it's time to add sand and straw. The sand is usually added in a ratio of 1 part sand to 3 parts clay. You can adjust this ratio depending on the quality of the clay you are using. The sand helps to balance the clay mixture, making it easier to mold and bake.

Straw is added to the mixture as a binding agent. Add a handful of straw to the clay and knead it until it's well mixed. Make sure the straw is evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

Shaping the Bricks

You'll need a mold to shape the bricks. You can purchase a pre-made mold or make one yourself out of wood. A brick mold typically consists of two wooden frames with a handle on one side for easy lifting.

Fill the mold with the clay mixture and press it down firmly to remove any air pockets. Use a trowel or knife to remove any excess clay from the top of the mold. You can also add a design or imprint to the surface of the brick at this point.

Drying the Bricks

Once you've shaped the bricks, it's time to dry them. Lay them out on a flat surface and cover them with a tarp to protect them from the sun and rain. It's important to dry the bricks slowly, as they will crack if they dry too quickly.

After a few days, remove the tarp and flip the bricks over to dry the other side. This process may take several weeks depending on the weather conditions. The bricks are ready for baking once they are completely dry.

Baking the Bricks

The final step in making red bricks is to bake them in a kiln. A kiln is an oven-like structure that is used to heat the bricks at high temperatures. This process is known as firing or baking.

The recommended firing temperature for clay bricks is between 900-1100 degrees Celsius. The firing process can take several hours, depending on the size and thickness of the bricks. It's important to monitor the temperature carefully to ensure that the bricks are properly baked.


Making red bricks is a simple process that requires only a few materials and tools. If you're interested in making your own bricks at home or starting a brick-making business, follow the steps outlined in this beginner's guide. Remember to take your time and follow proper safety precautions when handling clay and firing the bricks. With some practice and patience, you'll soon be making high-quality red bricks that are durable and long-lasting.



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