Immersive Journeys – The Next Big Luxury Cruise Trend

October 14, 2023



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When it comes to a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, travelers are willing to pay a premium for companies they know will get them their money’s worth. This is why, despite increasing average prices on cruise ship travel, a Morning Consult survey of over 2,000 American adults shows that 47% trust cruise ship lines, a 6% increase from the previous year. Compared to airlines, whose frequent delays and disruptions have caused a 3% trust decrease, luxury cruise ships are paving the way for less fast-paced and more immersive itineraries – which could trump the maximalist, bigger-is-better approach of today’s massive commercial cruise ships.

Here are a few reasons discerning travelers are considering more compact but meaningful itineraries for their next sojourn.

Specialty itineraries

Gone are the days of resort itineraries designed to please as many people as possible, where tourists are shepherded from location to generic location on a time crunch. Today, luxury cruises allow travelers to lean into their niche, whether it’s 70s rock, films like Star Trek, or even sports like golf and American football. For lovers of gourmet food, Oceania Cruises has crafted a luxury cruise centered around their Executive Culinary Director, world-renowned Master Chef Jacques Pépin. Guests who want to elevate their culinary know-how will be treated to exclusive talks, a signature menu, lectures, cooking demonstrations, and more as they journey from Costa Blanca in Spain to the Italian Riviera.

Authentic experiences


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Credit: Explora Journeys on Instagram

Travel is made more meaningful when you learn about cultures wildly different from your own, thus enriching your understanding of the world and your identity. This is why more cruise ship passengers seek authenticity and immersion in their experiences. MSC Group’s Explora meets this need by creating ocean journeys that inspire guests to travel further, immerse deeper, and linger longer. They do this by creating bespoke experiences for travelers of all kinds. For instance, their In-Country Immersions to the polar ice caps in Greenland allow you three- or more-day overland experiences, where you can ice climb on glaciers, watch shaggy musk ox, and camp outside a remote radar station in eco-luxury lodging tents. With distinct culinary experiences tailored to your stops, sophisticated accommodations, and wellness activities for rest and rejuvenation, you can truly let go of your routine and embrace the elusive Ocean State of Mind.

Eco-conscious luxury

As more people become aware of tourism's environmental impact, particularly in delicate locations like Antarctica, travelers and cruise ship companies are shifting to more sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. This is why French line PONANT commissioned the creation of Le Commandant Charcot, the world’s first luxury hybrid electric polar exploration ship powered by liquefied natural gas – a marvel similar to the ones we discuss in our article, "Top 10 Engineering Achievements in the Cruise Industry." Its advanced treatment system allows the ship to run for 30 days with waste treated and stored, and the vessel can filter seawater in small batches, helping to reduce its carbon footprint. This year, a team of passionate experts will give passengers deeper context as they encounter emperor penguins, humpback whales, and mighty orcas in the Far South.

Today’s luxury cruises are redefining bespoke travel, allowing passengers to seek experiences that not only perfectly align with their interests but also allow for ultimate immersion and lowered environmental impact. As travel throughout the seas becomes more refined, you can expect to go on a journey that genuinely leaves you refreshed, combined with a profound new appreciation for the world around you. For more articles on design in travel, visit Architecture Adrenaline.

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