Mid-century modern furniture ideas for office spaces

April 19, 2023

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Ideas for Office Spaces

Mid-century modern furniture designs originated in the mid-twentieth century, roughly between 1933 to 1965, and have come back in style in the contemporary era. Mid-century modern decor is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a functional design. The functional design is what makes mid-century modern furniture an excellent fit for offices.

Incorporating mid-century furniture elements such as chairs, desks, and tables can significantly impact the style of an office space. The timeless design of mid-century modern furniture can help create an aesthetic that is contemporary, chic, and professional. This article will discuss several mid-century modern furniture ideas for office spaces.

1. Saarinen Table

Eero Saarinen's design of the Tulip table is a classic mid-century modern furniture piece. This sleek, minimalist table is perfect for a conference room, lunchroom, or any other functional space that requires a large table. The Saarinen table's minimalist design is great for offices because it is easy to clean, and the lack of edges makes the table safer for employees.

2. Eames Lounge Chair

Charles and Ray Eames's elegant and stylish lounge chair and ottoman are still among the most iconic mid-century modern furniture pieces. This comfortable and luxurious chair is an excellent addition to an executive office, offering both a comfortable place to rest and a stylish design element. The Eames Lounge Chair is manufactured in an array of materials with multiple color and finish options to suit any office design requirement.

3. Noguchi Table

Isamu Noguchi's table is a mid-century modern furniture classic that will make any office space look elegant and serene. The table's curved glass top is supported by a sturdy wooden base, creating an illusion of lightness that is only achievable with mid-century modern furniture. The Noguchi table is perfect for smaller office spaces and is especially useful in drawing rooms, waiting areas, or individual offices.

4. Bertoia Chair

The Bertoia chair, designed by Harry Bertoia, is a mid-century modern furniture icon. With its sculptural design and comfortable seating, it has become the go-to chair for many contemporary office spaces. The chair's design was inspired by a series of experiments conducted in Bertoia's studio, where he welded steel rods together into a web-like structure. The result of his experimentation was a unique and visually beautiful chair that is an excellent fit for many office spaces.

5. Wegner Chair

Hans Wegner's chair is a classic mid-century modern furniture piece that is still popular today. The chair's design is minimalistic, with clean lines and simple curves, making it perfect for offices that are looking for functional and sophisticated furniture. This comfortable and stylish chair is perfect for meetings or as a desk chair.

6. Eames Desk

The Eames Desk, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is a mid-century modern furniture piece that is perfect for modern office spaces. The desk is elegant, functional, and minimalistic, making it the perfect fit for a contemporary office environment. The desk has a sleek, minimalist design, with its wooden top and chrome legs, making it an excellent choice for a variety of office spaces.

7. Storage Units

Storage units are essential for office spaces, and the mid-century modern furniture designs offer a range of options. One of the best storage units for the office is the Mid-Century Modern Credenza. This sleek, minimalist storage unit is perfect for modern office spaces, offering ample space to store files, stationery, and other office essentials.


Q: Is mid-century modern furniture expensive?
A: Mid-century modern furniture can be pricey, especially if it is an original piece by a well-known designer. However, there are many replicas available in the market that are affordable and still offer the aesthetic and functionality that mid-century modern furniture is known for.

Q: Can I mix mid-century modern furniture with other styles?
A: Yes, mid-century modern furniture can be mixed with other styles, such as contemporary or industrial, to create a unique look that represents the personality of the office space's owner or designer.

Q: Is mid-century modern furniture suitable for small office spaces?
A: Absolutely. Mid-century modern furniture's functional and minimalist design is perfect for small office spaces as it allows for maximum use of space while maintaining a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Q: Are mid-century modern furniture pieces comfortable?
A: Mid-century modern furniture is designed to be functional, minimalist, and comfortable. The furniture's design elements ensure a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience, making it an excellent option for office spaces where employees spend long hours sitting.

Q: Can Mid-century modern furniture be customized to match office design requirements?
A: Yes, many furniture manufacturers offer customization options for mid-century modern furniture to match specific office design requirements. This allows offices to achieve the exact look and feel they desire while still embracing the mid-century modern aesthetic.



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