Movie Theater Curtains: A History of Drama

May 19, 2023

Movie Theater Curtains: A History of Drama

The Beginning of Theater Curtains

Believe it or not, theater curtains date back to ancient Greece. The Greeks used curtains made of heavy cloth known as "hypocrites" to hide stage props and actors from the audience. From there, theater curtains evolved into a means of dramatic entrance and exit for performers.

Theater Curtains in the 20th Century

By the early 1900s, movie theaters were becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of the silent film era, theaters needed curtains to block out light and sound from the projection booth. Curtains were also used for dramatic effect during movie showings.

The Evolution of Movie Theater Curtains

Over time, movie theater curtains became more elaborate and decorative. The classic red velvet curtain became a staple in theaters and is still used today in some historic venues. Motorized curtains and LED lighting have also been incorporated into modern theater designs.

The Future of Movie Theater Curtains

As technology continues to advance, it's likely that theater curtains will evolve along with it. We may see more interactive curtains that interact with the movie being shown or curtains that are controlled by the audience via mobile devices. Whatever the future holds, movie theater curtains will always be an important part of the movie-going experience.


The history of theater curtains is a fascinating one, dating back to ancient Greece and evolving into the decorative and dramatic curtains we see in movie theaters today. As technology continues to shape the future of cinema, it will be interesting to see how theater curtains evolve to keep up with the times.



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