Raised Ranch House: The Perfect Design for a Growing Family

April 28, 2023

When it comes to choosing the perfect home design for a growing family, an aspect that can’t be ignored is space. As your family grows, you need a house design that offers enough room to accommodate various activities, including playing, studying, and cooking. A raised ranch house has proven to be an excellent choice for families due to its spacious nature and overall flexibility. This article explores why the raised ranch house is the perfect design for a growing family.

What is a Raised Ranch House?

A raised ranch house is a popular home design that features two levels with an entrance foyer separating them. The upper level usually includes the primary living areas, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms, while the lower level has a family room, additional bedrooms, and utility rooms. On the exterior, the raised ranch style features a prominent front entrance leading to a split-level layout, giving it a distinct look.

Plenty of Space for Everyone

A raised ranch house offers a lot of space for a growing family. With the split-level design, it provides separation and privacy, making it ideal for families with teenagers. The upper level of a raised ranch typically has an expansive living room, kitchen, and dining area, which makes it perfect for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Moreover, most raised ranch homes have a finished lower level, giving more space for kids to play, hang out with friends or for guests to have privacy. The lower level can also be transformed into a home office, gym, or a recreation room. With a raised ranch house, your options are endless, providing your growing family with ample room to relax and have fun.

Less Maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep are essential aspects that need consideration when choosing the perfect home design. A raised ranch house has a practical layout that requires minimal maintenance, reducing the workload for homeowners. The split-level design means that homeowners are spared the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a large, open space. This feature makes raised ranch homes an excellent choice for families with busy schedules or those who want to avoid too much upkeep.

Improved Curb Appeal

The raised ranch design is known for its distinct appearance, which makes it stand out from other homes on the block. With its split-level layout, the raised ranch style offers improved curb appeal, making it a desirable home design for many homebuyers. The elevated entrance, paired with the lower level, gives it an attractive and inviting look. Additionally, the design can incorporate a variety of exterior materials, from wood to brick, giving homeowners an option to customize the exterior of their home to suit their preferences.

Flexibility in Style and Design

Raised ranch houses come in various styles, and homeowners can customize them to meet their specific needs. For instance, the layout can be adjusted to include more bedrooms or a larger kitchen, or a larger utility room. Additionally, the style can be tailored to fit different preferences, such as incorporating a modern or traditional design.

Moreover, the split-level design can also be adjusted so that the lower level has its own separate entrance. This feature is ideal for homeowners who want to rent out the lower level or use it for extended family members. With such flexibility in design and style, homeowners can personalize their raised ranch home to fit their unique lifestyle preferences.

Energy Efficiency

An important aspect that homeowners in today's world keep in mind when purchasing a house is energy efficiency. The raised ranch design offers excellent energy-saving features. The split-level design ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the house, reducing energy consumption.

Additionally, the raised entrance means that the home's main living areas are less susceptible to cold air infiltration, resulting in less energy used to keep the house warm. Furthermore, the lower level can be used as a natural buffer against the cold air, making it easier to keep the house warm.


In conclusion, when considering a home design that is perfect for a growing family, the raised ranch home ticks all the essential boxes. With the spacious and flexible nature of the split-level design, there is plenty of room for a family to grow, and the upkeep required is minimal, allowing homeowners more time to enjoy their space rather than maintaining it. The energy efficiency and curb appeal of the home makes it a valuable investment in the long run. So if you are looking for a house design that can cater to your growing family, then a raised ranch house should be your top choice.



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