Stair Seating Ideas: How to Create a Functional and Stylish Space

June 9, 2023

Staircases can often take up a significant amount of space in a home and may feel underutilized. However, with the right design choices, they can become a functional and stylish addition to the home. In this article, we will explore stair seating ideas that will help transform your staircase into a multifunctional space.

1. Window Seating

One of the ways to incorporate stair seating is to extend the bottom of the stairs. This design element creates a window seat platform that can be used for reading and relaxing.

Aside from adding comfort to the space, you can also use this area for storage. Simply install drawers beneath the seat and utilize the space in an innovative way.

2. Bench Seating

Transforming the landing area into a bench seat offers a chic and functional solution to your stair seating needs. Instead of having your landing area left bare, install a bench seat and utilize the space in a stylish way.

Install a hinge-lidded seat and you have additional storage space for items like sporting equipment, blankets, or even extra linens.

3. Bookshelf Seating

Installing a bookshelf into your staircase design provides a unique way to integrate seating whilst adding functional book storage. Building a bookshelf with an inbuilt seating area on one side is an excellent way to maximize the space and create a cozy library for yourself.

For those who are handy with tools, this can be an excellent DIY project too.

4. Nook Seating

Taking a minimalist approach to your staircase seating design means that less is definitely more. If you prefer simpler designs, you can install a recessed seating area into your stairway and create a nook suitable for reading or relaxing.

Add a few soft pillows, and you have a perfect spot to listen to music or read your favorite book.


The staircase in your home doesn't need to be a wasted space when it can be transformed into a functional and stylish area with a little creativity. We hope this article has given you some useful stair seating ideas to get started with, and inspire you to create your dream staircase.



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