Temppeliaukion Church - The Church In Rock

October 20, 2022

Have you ever been inside a rock church? No, not a church made out of rocks, but an actual church that has been dug out of a giant boulder. The Temppeliaukion Church in Helsinki, Finland is a place that can not exist anywhere else. This unique church is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Helsinki!

When wandering the streets of Helsinki, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the unique architecture scattered throughout the city. One such gem is Temppeliaukion Church, a hidden treasure nestled in the heart of Helsinki.

Temppeliaukion Church was built in 1969-70 and designed by brothers, Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen. The church is also popularly known as the "Church of the Rock" due to its construction; the entire interior space of the church was excavated out of solid granite. The architecture utilizes geographic features in a poetic and beautiful way.

The main hall of the church is elliptical in shape and features 16 pillars supporting a domed ceiling made from strands of copper. The acoustics in the room are excellent, making it a popular spot for concerts and other events. The rock walls and ceiling are riddled with craggy crevices, which provide incredibly authentic acoustics for visitors enjoying a concert or service. In fact, many famous musicians have performed at the Temppeliaukion Church over the years, including Jean-Pierre Rampal, Mstislav Rostropovich, and Viktoria Mullova. The church is so quiet and peaceful (when there are no performances happening) that many people doze off in the pews.

The church is open to visitors every day from 9am to 6pm (with extended hours in summer), and admission is free. If you're looking for something a little bit different during your time in Helsinki, be sure to check out the Temppeliaukion Church!

In addition to its visual and acoustic appeal, Temppeliaukion Church is also a popular spot for weddings. What could be more romantic than getting married inside a hidden rock church?

Located in Helsinki's Töölö neighborhood, the Temppeliaukion Church is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in this wondrous city. Helsinki is full of surprises, and Temppeliaukion Church is definitely one of them. This hidden treasure is unlike any other church in the world and offers visitors a unique experience. Whether you’re admiring the architecture, enjoying a concert, or attending a wedding, Temppeliaukio Church is sure to leave a lasting impression. This one-of-a-kind church is unlike any other church I've been to. Check out some of the interior pictures of the magical space below.

Copper Ceiling

View of the altar

View from 2nd level

Detailed view of wall to ceiling connection

View from the outside of the church

Photos taken by Justin Ankus

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