The Convenience and Practicality of Access Roof Hatches

June 6, 2023

Commercial, industrial, and residential facilities comprise essential components such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical elements hidden behind walls and ceilings that require regular maintenance and repairs if needed. But if you manage a low or high-rise building, chances are you've installed most of these components on the roof to save space.

Installing access roof hatches such as the Bilco Thermally Broken Service Stair Access Roof Hatch provides safety and easy access whenever you need to climb the roof. Read on below to learn more about the convenience and practicality of access roof hatches.


What are the types of access roof hatches available?


Roof hatches come in many variations, each with a specific function, and one of those variations is the access roof hatch which specializes in providing authorized personnel access to the rooftop for maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair services. Here are the types of roof hatches that you can install:


  • Thermally broken roof hatches: This roof hatch features an R-20+ insulation panel and a frame that helps minimize heat transfer, increasing comfort inside.
  • Domed roof hatches: Domed roof hatches provide a reliable and economical solution to your roof access needs while acting as a skylight.
  • Equipment roof hatches: As the name suggests, equipment roof access offers a bigger opening, ideal when you need constant access to the rooftop and bring large tools for maintenance, repair, and installation.
  • Skylights: Installing skylights can help you reduce energy costs, maximize natural light, and increase energy efficiency. Allowing daylight inside also creates a natural mood booster for occupants and employees.
  • Smoke vents: Nothing is more important than complying with fire codes, maintaining safety, and being ready when a fire breaks out. One way of being prepared is to install a roof smoke vent with a fusible link that opens its door when it reaches a specific hot temperature.


Benefits of access roof hatches


Access roof hatches are one-of-a-kind products that exude a range of benefits in any establishment, whether residential or commercial. Specific problems regarding functionality and aesthetics will get solved due to the help of access roof hatches. Here's a list of those benefits:


Benefit #1: Quick, easy, and safe access to the roof or rooftops


The convenience of access is the primary function of access doors, in this case, access roof hatches. This device will provide quick and easy access to authorized persons such as homeowners and maintenance or repair personnel for installation, cleaning, and repair or maintenance.


These activities mentioned can go from complex and time-consuming to easy and quick with the help of this innovative roof door. In addition to quick and easy access, safe access to the roof or rooftop is one of its great benefits as these doors are insulated and weatherproof, protecting the users from heat or cold accessing the rooftop.


Benefit #2: Protection from external elements and weather


The access roof hatch's function is to provide the best access experience to its user, but this roof door also locks out any danger that might come inside the house or commercial building. Damaging natural elements will have no chance of entering the establishment as this roof door contains protective capabilities such as its weather and draft-resistant gasketed feature.


Since these are roof doors, these devices are most likely to get exposed to any weather conditions, such as rainwater, but they will not go through with the help of the access roof hatch protecting the establishment from corrosion and mold. Get double protection from corrosion and rust with its steel material with anti-corrosion properties and the gasketed feature.


Benefit#3: Security from unauthorized access

Natural elements are not the only ones you need protection from. Installing access roof hatches protects you from access by any unauthorized persons, such as thieves. Get protection with its advanced lock and latch features preventing unauthorized door opening, and the durable steel materials that can withstand physical blows from unwanted persons that protect you and your house or commercial building.


If the installed establishment of this roof door is full of flammable items due to the establishment's nature, worry not in cases of a fire break as there is a fire-rated variation of this roof access hatch that prevents the fire from spreading at a fast rate for some time, protecting the commercial building until the firefighters come to the scene.


The protective features of roof access hatches are top-notch fitting for your home or commercial building. The defensive capabilities of this roof door, such as gasketed, insulated, anti-corrosion, durability, and fire-rating, are all present in one innovative product. So if you are looking for protective capabilities in a product, this roof door is best for you.


Benefit #4: Combines aesthetics with functionality


Along with this roof door's excellent access and protective functions comes the feeling of aesthetics. This roof door adds appeal to houses or commercial buildings along with its shiny and sleek finishes, such as the prime coated galvanized steel finish. Installing this roof door provides a combination of functionality and aesthetics that contributes to the interior style, increasing the establishment's value.


Tips on installing roof access hatches


These innovative roof doors are essential to your house or commercial building, so installing one or two in the same establishments mentioned is necessary. Before installing one, here are some tips you can follow before installing these roof doors:


  • Before purchasing and installing a roof access hatch, identify crucial things such as its need, its purpose, and the dimensions of the installation area.
  • Learn about essential factors regarding installing these doors, such as building code requirements.
  • On purchasing roof access hatches, identify what kind of roof access hatch you need for the construction project, as this roof door has a pool of variations. Do you need a single leaf or a double leaf? For fire protection? For access to equipment? Identify these first as re-buying due to getting the wrong product is time-consuming.


Final Thoughts


The practicality and convenience provided by these roof access hatches prove that you need to install these in your house or commercial building. Its remarkable features all exist to solve your problems regarding accessibility and protection, making it a wise investment!



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